About this Project

Since PXO's gametracker went offline in summer 2004, there has been many changes in Descent Multiplayer community.
Many players did a great job on organizing games, creating new gametrackers, setting up IRC servers and integrate all of them in programms and websites. This happened to be even better than the original environment.
With the disappearence of PXO, the Rankings of pilots based on all PXO server records has been frozen as well. Many pilots did welcome this condition, because it cannot provide any motive for cheating or roughless play. Nevertheless there were some people who really enjoyed this statistics and wanted to have them back.

This "Descent Statistics" project is meant to be a new start from scratch, to avoid most failures of the PXO version and to present new features to the community. The following improvements have been made so far:

I like to thank all participating server operators for their support and all pilots out there for their suggestions and guidence.
But please remember, that this site is allways growing and spreading. If you miss some feature, please let me know. Remember, that this is for you.