Frequently Asked Questions

How are all the statistics collected?
The gameservers produce statistic files when their running game finishes.
These files are collected and analyzed at this site, which feeds a database containing all recorded kills and deaths etc.
Why are my pilot names not combined together, as they are from other pilots?
This site cannot guess which names belongs to the same pilot, so you just have to tell .
The statistics will then be merged together on these pilot names, and you can see the different names on the details page.
I don't like those stats. I don't want to be listed here.
Just tell , he will put your pilot names on a black list, that they don't be involved with this in any way.
Some pilots have pictures of their face on their details page. I want this, too.
These pictures are taken from the "In Your Face 3" project, so if you did participate there, the same graphic will show up here as well.
If you want a picture in here as well, but you don't get the chance of In Your Face, just mail the picture to (64x64 pixels, PNG would be nice).
I found many players who have lots of kills, many more than for example the current ranked 1 player, but these are not listed in the overview. They are named like [BOZ]something
Players with [BOZ] in front of their name are no real players. They are bots, which are hosted on They play like 24/7 against each other, collecting kills and play time like crazy. As they are not real, they are excluded from the global list.
They are listed only on an players individual stats, so he can see how he is performing agains the bots.
What is the difference between Effitotal and Effinow? What are those colored arrows?
While Effitotal is the efficiency which includes all the collected data, Effinow is the efficiency where (basically) only the data of the last 50 days of records is respected.
The arrow points up if Effinow is greater than Effitotal, meaning the efficiency has improved over the last 50 days compared to the overall time.
The color of the arrow reflects Effinow, where pure yellow corresponds to 50%, pure green to 100% and pure red to 0%.
I just played Descent 3 online, but I can't see any changes on my pilot.
This can have many reasons (in order of significance):
  • The server does not Participate on this statistics. Ask your server operator to join. Maybe he doesn't know of this project.
  • The statistics are not in realtime, they are updated only once a week. You have to wait until this time.
  • The server operator doesn't send the statistic files daily. Look at the Servers page to get the last day he sent his files. Ask him to send the files more often.
  • You played with a name which is not connected to your pilot as an alias.
  • You played a private game, clanwar or a game in LAN. I'm sorry, those statistics are filtered.
I'm a server operator, and I want to participate on this project. What do I have to do?
Contact , you will get a FTP account on this server.
You just need to upload the .stats files produced by your gameserver to this FTP account on a regular (i.e. daily) basis.
Of course there are scripts ready to do this job automatically.